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It is a device for performing puppetry. It includes two metal cylinders (called an “ears”) and two rubber rings (called a “face”). Inside the ears, a small electrical current or “voltage” flows from the wires inside the cylinders to the metal faces mounted at the back of the ears. These faces, or heads, then vibrate the rods and make the puppeteer’s voice or perform the act the puppeteer desires. This device is called a “dummy”, because it’s constructed with materials that give the illusion of being alive. The two ear sets are called “hands” and “feet”. In the case of humans, a dummy is created using two pairs of hands, one of which “dolls” or “presents” a small animal or a person. The puppeteer (known as a “man” or “female”) has the ability to control the mouth in each ear, which is connected to a special microphone that can be connected to a computer, a record player or a TV to record “voice”. During performances, the dummy is placed on the dummy’s head, and the vocal cords are connected to a microphone on the dummy’s head which gives the performer the ability to control the dummy’s mouth and vocal cords, and to sing or whistle with the mouth and the limbs.

In the 1950’s and 60’s, when the performer first begins to perform, the dummy is positioned so the person’s mouth is on the cylinder of the hands, and his head/leg is on the lower cylinder. At that time, the only way to “see” another person performing was through the microphone, although now it is possible to see someone’s hands in the dummy’s ears. The dummy’s head and ears are attached to two different parts of the mouth, which are made of a thin steel plate (called a “mouth plug”) and a metal “lip”, which is also made of a thin steel plate (called a “lip plate”).

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The dummy itself is called a “Ventriloquist” or “Voice Mounter” (VMW). The dummy is generally made of a heavy, solid cardboard box about 12 inches by 15.5 inches. The box is about 12 inches square and contains a metal jaw (about 0.9 inches in thickness) attached to two metal lips (about 2 inches in dia.) that are glued together, forming a set of lips like the lips on a lip balm/smoothie. The mouthplate (for the

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