What are the names of Jeff Dunham’s puppets? – Ready Set Learn Books

The actors are Jeff Dunham, Mike Ditka, Dan Aykroyd, Mike Krukow, Bill Murray, Bill Pullman, Peter Sellers, Tim Curry, and Michael Keaton (or, to go with his full screen actor name, Mike Keaton).

Jeff Dunham: Do you like animals?

Jeff Dunham: Well, I am, I guess. I think we have the best animals in the world. And not just animals, you know, animals who are not just animals. You know, animals like to sit in trees. They get along with everybody, and no matter what else they’re doing, they’ll be hanging out in the tree. They’ve got big brown eyes and big round fuzzy black feathers. They’re big. They’re wonderful.

The actors of Bill Pullman, Mike Krukow—I mean, you know, it would have to take someone else to write that stuff.


AVC: This is probably the only instance of the name being given for a non-playwright play, after all.

DJ: Well, it’s not really a name, really, a title. It is, obviously, a title, however many times I’ve done it.

AVC: In this case, it seems like it’s a title for a whole book.


DJ: In this case, I’m not sure that there is a book, I don’t think.

AVC: Do you think it’s a bit late for a book title?

DJ: Maybe we should have seen it coming. But, you know, sometimes you see this stuff coming up, and you just get used to it, you know… I’m not sure what “The Muppets From Outer Space” is either. It’s kind of hard to remember all the little details.


AVC: It’s not just the name. I think it’s that you’ve actually got a lot of little details to it that is really impressive.

DJ: It is. And I love that.

AVC: When did this happen? How did you come up with this idea for the title?


DJ: It definitely took a long time. I don’t know if it actually took that long, because we had to think more about the book, and we got more and more into it and more and more specific, and more and more,

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