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You’d have to be pretty dumb to think that was Robbie Rogers’ purpose. You’d have to have very, very low levels of consciousness to think that. But you can argue about what his “purpose” actually was, which is where it begins and ends.

What I wanted to do was explore how he approaches these situations, how people perceive people on the other side. We saw Robbie’s parents having to confront these ideas about his father, his grandfather, but in order to deal with and face these ideas, the older sibling has to confront the older parent.

Do you think we can ever get enough of him, even as he turns into the most hated person ever?!?!

He continues to surprise us!
Mr. D's Daily Ventriloquist Journal: July 2010

Are we gonna see him again at any point, or is that just another one of his crazy antics?

I don’t know. I guess we’ll see. I’m still surprised by how much that guy likes his father.

Let’s not forget that this was the first time everyone had seen the character’s face for a full year? You really did have to learn how to take notes before they were even on the big screen!

That’s part of the joy of working on this thing is that we’re so happy people are finally seeing him and that we put so much of ourselves into this character that it becomes easy to get so absorbed by him that you don’t fully appreciate the bigger picture that it’s a human story.

When you’re so invested in someone like Robbie Rogers – it’s almost like a hobby that you take pleasure in while you’re working on that particular character.

Yeah, a lot of people I feel like I need to spend my time on because I’m so interested, so it’s like, no matter what, it’s always fun. My dad died, it’s the first show I ever watched as an actor, so it’s always fun to work on a thing that has any kind of historical value.

That was your first gig you ever did, though was it in theatre or television? Who were you hanging out with on the set of Batman vs Superman in the late ’90s?

Yeah, it was pretty much every single person I knew, really. I spent almost every single day hanging out with [director] Zack Snyder. He was in his office, in front of the camera, in his little black dress shirt. He said, “Hey, you guys, just leave the lights on.”

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