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Rex is the first of a planned series of five (in the movie, six in the TV series and seven in the live-action version of Victorious) and this makes him pretty well-known in the game as the leader of the Red Raiders.

However, he is not actually the leader of the Red Raiders and is just the leader of the Rangers in the film and the series’ continuity. The real team has been called the Rex Rebels.

How do the Rangers handle Rex?

Rex has always been a tough guy, he does not enjoy fighting and always seems a little bit lost.

The Rangers use this when Rex is too afraid to take a punch or he becomes weak due to a lack of sleep. In some episodes, Rex actually fights and defeats the Rangers, such as the one from the film The Rescue.

How much is Rex the leader? Is he the leader of all Red Raiders?

Rex is the leader of the Red Raiders, but he is so well-known that it doesn’t really matter who he really leads. He becomes the leader of the Rangers, though. He will also be called to lead the other Rangers when the situation requires.

What is the Red Raiders’ ultimate goal?

The Rangers themselves say that the Red Raiders’ ultimate goal is to protect the planet from an alien race called Sorna. But this doesn’t mean that they will always go out to find Sorna, the Rangers know better. This is why many of the Rangers will find them in another galaxy before they are found by them.
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Who is the one with the “red star” tattoo? (What is that?)

The tattoo on Rex is also known as the “red star” or “red star tattoo”. It is a tattoo on a Red Raider’s forehead and symbolizes his strength and power. It is in reference to the Red Raiders’ first name “Rex”.

Who’s the name of the Red Raider who looks at the Rangers and thinks “It’s like I’m standing on my father’s grave?”.

The red star tattoo seen in the opening video. It is the tattoo on the Red Raider’s forehead.

Is Rex really the leader of the Red Raiders?

After the events of the film where the Rangers find the Sorna and try to capture and kill them, Rex is one of the leaders of the Rangers.

Rex has a strong will and it is said that he is one

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