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In my eyes, it’s quite a bit of time, even if you have to buy an audience. For example, it takes time to get a voice. I started performing when I was a baby, so I’ve had a few training shows, but it doesn’t take much time.

How would you respond to those who question that you’ve always been a performer and say there’s no evidence of it?

I’m not an actor. I’ve been performing since I can remember. I do have many performances. I am not a puppet. If they say I’m a puppet, they might believe that because I’ve done a lot of performances with puppets, but I’m not. Even if I have a puppet it doesn’t mean that in my life I’m acting. There are many more than 10 reasons I don’t believe it.

When you do come up as a professional, what do you get up to to keep people’s interest?

I try to keep them entertained. I don’t do it for the money or fame, but for the pleasure of doing it and seeing people laugh. But if I can do something that they like, then I’ll try to do my best to make them laugh.

The last piece of advice you have for your colleagues?

Get your act together. Actively work on a project that you enjoy.

“What Do You Get Out of It?” was produced by the WGN radio show The People’s Talk and edited by Chris Broussard.


An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the “Dirty Dog” piece was a show hosted by the show “Kung Fu with Tom Cruise.” The show is hosted by Tom Cruise.

When the United States government banned tobacco products in 1971 in the United States, there were over a million people who became sick from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for their entire lives.

How many of those who became sick had a smoking-related illness? The answer is nearly 2 million (the vast majority of these were young males).

Most of those who became sick from tobacco products had not used marijuana – a substance no less dangerous than tobacco has been. The CDC (Federal Government’s Agency for Health Promotion and Preventive Services) found that in 1971, “there were 3.1 million people who had never used tobacco.” In 1982, “there were 2.1 million who had not used tobacco – but smoked pot daily.” In 1986, there

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