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What do you say to those who say, “I won’t vote Republican”? They aren’t voting, so they should have the right to protest, you say? Is there a political equivalent to the right to speak? I’m not a lawyer, so if I had to guess I’d say, “You can protest, you might do it a lot. But you shouldn’t do it as an excuse to vote for whoever you think would be the most evil. That’s the equivalent of calling someone a fascist.” I would say the same thing if I said, “[N]ow, let’s find out what we are about. There is something there, somewhere.” If you can identify a political group or a candidate, in this election I would say, “That is a good choice by someone named Ronald Reagan.”

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I’m going to give you a hint. The election of 2012 could have gone the other way. It went the other way. In 2008, the Democrat candidate was John McCain. Then, in 2012, if Republicans are ever going to get their act together they’re going to have many more issues that they have to defend. I believe it’s inevitable that Republicans would lose four to eight elections in the next few years. If they get a third party candidate up, I would hope they would be ready. What I’m telling you is it’s going to take a Republican in the White House to change that. The Democrats are too divided, they have too many vested interests. A Republican president is the only way that that will change.

What percentage of the American population are registered Democrats or Republicans?

There seems to be some confusion about it. My guess is that most Americans, probably all of them, could stand to be more patriotic. As many of us have noticed, when we talk about patriotism the definition gets pretty narrow. The patriotism that Republicans are talking about is not just one of nationalism and the American Way. I think it’s a combination of the traditional patriotism and the American Way, the American Dream. When you can imagine your family and your life in America, that’s a very positive thing. I think that, at a certain point, we all have a sense of what that means.

That means more than just supporting the president. It means that you like the color of his tie. Your wife likes the color of his shirt. In the Democratic party most of the people on the committee were black, but a majority of Democratic voters are white. Do you think that’s part

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