How do you make a sock puppet mouth? – How We Can Learn Fast Typing Online

This post uses pictures that are actually real images of a puppet. It is my attempt to get better in my sock puppetry. I have some tricks to get the mouth shape to look correct, however I still want to add detail and details to my puppet.

First look at my first version of the mask. I’m adding some detail and details so my puppet makes a bit more mouth.

The first step is to add a rubber band at the top of the mouth to hold it shut. I want my mask to look a bit fuller like in the picture so I will have to add some rubber bands.

Next I use my white paper to make a mask (the white paper is just the mask you use for the front).

Then in the middle use my masking tape like this to do all of the holes and the holes can be really small or it should just be a small circle.

I used my little finger to get it into the holes so I can easily attach the mask to the puppet.

Next, I put some plastic pieces (white paper, cardboard or whatever you like to use) inside the holes and then attach with the mask.

I just put the plastic pieces over the holes and it’s done.

You can put it all together here (I made my puppet for my boyfriend):

See this tiny thing I’m putting right here in the middle in the first picture? Yeah, it’s a toothpick.

I have a toothpick for every possible mouth position and with this one I wanted to put a hole in the center. You can do this on the teeth or anywhere you like.

With the rubber bands and the mask I attached the toothpick (I used a toothpick because he liked it) over the mouth and added a rubber band and put a rubber band around my toothpick to keep my toothpick from moving around the mouth.

Next step, I need to add a few more tiny plastic pieces but it’s easier to do a few layers.

I put the mask inside of my mouth and then with toothpicks I put one under the toothpick on the inside in between the rubber band around my toothpicks hole and also put a toothpick over this.

I also put some of the little pieces of tape on the holes so I can hold the rubberband tight to the mouth.

For a little detail add a little toothpick over the top of my face to give

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