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This is a difficult question to answer because of the nature of human and human-like behavior, particularly when people are trying to mimic what somebody else is doing. It certainly appears that human subjects do not have the mental acuity of ventriloquist animals. It seems to me that, rather than looking to animals to help us solve this problem, we might try to emulate the way the world is, and the human mind is. What we actually have on the planet is the same thing as what they do-they get together in groups and do things.

For example, one of the first successful ventriloquists is John Dickson White, a professor of music at Yale. He is famous for making a movie in which he performs a lot of different performances based off actual sound recordings. He does this with a group of seven people, where each person plays a stringed instrument, sometimes with a drum, sometimes on a trumpet, with a trumpet, the organ, and so forth. He does this all in one night; it takes him two months to do the entire thing. When he gets to the end of it, he can’t sing the thing or play it. He is able to sing it for a minute, a second, and a third. He does this, in fact, with other people. He even makes fun of the thing for a little while. He says, “This is fantastic, it’s actually better than a real concert! It’s really better than an actual concert because you can actually hear the difference.” He just shows people, all of them, he will make them really laugh, and he asks them to sing. And they all do. His entire group is a big show. It’s the sort of thing where you walk in and you see two or more people singing the same thing, and that really is quite amazing. That’s the sort of entertainment we’d like to give ourselves. If there are other interesting types of entertainment that aren’t as good as, or better than, what ventriloquists put together, I’ll think about doing it, but I don’t see at the moment that I’m in a position to do so.

What about other kinds of ventriloquism besides live, voice-acted performances? There are other uses for ventriloquism. Some people use it as a hobby. There are ventriloquist puppet shows. There have been ventriloquist shows, to use an instance from the history of ventrilo

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