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Make sure your hand is steady on the gun – not leaning or moving back and forth or off axis – and you can hit the ball out of the hoop.

Get the ball out to touch the basket and have good aim and accuracy. Keep the ball in your hand so it’s more predictable and predictable will result in more accurate throws.

If you shoot to close range you’ll miss a lot of shots. Try to vary the range of shots you make from within that range depending on the situation.

Don’t shoot high. You might miss a target and then hit a long jump shot so you’re aiming over your head.

Don’t be an aimless shooter. Try to get out there and shoot to within 4-5 yards of where you want the ball to be.

Make the shot, shoot the ball and see where it lands for feedback.

Find something that you can do on a basketball court – try to create an area that you dominate with your shot. A basketball court provides a good platform for shooting if you find a way to dominate the space in it.

Try to make up for a missed shot with a shot out of the open court. It will show you are still trying to get back in the same position.

Try to look across at your teammates when you shoot from outside court. Try making sure they don’t feel they need to take the shot on the other side of the court or your shot could be taken.

Don’t be afraid to go through other guys and shoot outside court.

Try and shoot the ball as close as possible to the basket and don’t try to overshoot your target when you’re in open court. The hoop will provide for a good place to get a shot to so you don’t risk going over the other shooters legs.

Practice makes perfect. As you become more advanced and improve your ball handling, shooting and passing skills these skills will come very natural. Try them and see how well you score with each shot.

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