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That would explain a lot, right?

Well, he does have a few interesting things to say about a possible future appearance by both the man himself, the late actor Rex Banner, and the character of Rex Banner.

What We Know

The new season of The Walking Dead is being billed as the second half of AMC’s long-running series. Given the series’ pedigree, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the show return for another 10-episode arc (i.e. 10 episodes of a full season, or 10 seasons of the show as a whole) by the time the show starts up again this fall.

In other news, The Walking Dead, which is currently a ratings juggernaut on The CW, has had a pretty rough time since its very first season began. Season two ended with everyone dead, but ratings have taken a slight dip over the past few weeks. This is understandable, given the fact that no one is saying the show’s ratings were ever this low in the first place.

If the show stays strong in the ratings and continues to gain momentum in other key genres as well, and The Walking Dead is renewed for another season, a revival is on its way.

Who Would Play Rex?

While The Walking Dead hasn’t confirmed who would be portraying the character, it’s more than reasonable to assume that actor/writer/producer/actor Matt Bennett would be up to the task. With his reputation as the voice of The Walking Dead in both the comics and the series, Bennett has had a hand in the creation of two of the most iconic characters in the comics, Glenn Rhee and Rick Grimes – and it’s unlikely that he’ll be shy about playing any character in this role, even if it’s just for a single episode.

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Rex Banner (who you may remember from a couple episodes back as being played by the aforementioned Evan Peters) isn’t exactly a stranger to the world of The Walking Dead, where he played a large role in The Governor’s story arc. In fact, he may actually be in a far better position than Bennett, simply by virtue of being in the same era of an established character. In that vein, Bennett has actually done a pretty good job at playing Rick’s antagonist Rick in both The Walking Dead comics as well as The Walking Dead television series. So while neither he nor the actor who appears in the upcoming story arc – actor/director/series creator/producer Dave Erickson – specifically confirmed that they were both booked

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