Did Matt Bennett really voice Rex? – Learn Books For Kids

We had to talk to the guy who wrote the whole movie.

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(BRIAN WU, REPRINT EDITOR) I mean, yeah, I guess I just kind of took a risk and said, “Look, let’s make it more weird and make him seem really funny,” you know? He does, actually, he does, and so he is the sort of funny villain that, like, people love to hate.

But let’s go back to the beginning: What was the purpose to this movie? Was it to say, “Hey, there’s really funny superheroes out there” or whatever?

(REBECCA WIGGINS) It was really just to try to get on some kind of high-concept wave. And when you try to get on like that, you know, I mean, you always hope that people would laugh, and so we would hope, you know, people would laugh at the story and then maybe it’d go somewhere else. And when I looked at it in a vacuum, and looked at it from a point of view where I wasn’t sure, it would probably have made a lot of sense, but I feel like it has sort of turned itself into a character. I mean, that’s why I’m doing a sequel, I think, to that. I’m doing [a sequel] because I think I’m gonna do a third and a fourth, but it’s not like we’re making one, but I feel like as if it has become a kind of character, a good movie like this is sort of turning into part of a bigger joke.

Are you proud of all of the voices you’ve had? Because if you’re going to have a sequel, why go with the exact same cast? Why not hire a whole new crew?

(BRIAN WU) I don’t even think we’ve ever hired a whole new team. And yet, I think they’ve gotten along fine, so I’m just the guy throwing my hat in the ring.

Well, at least you didn’t pick the exact same actors for the third movie. How do you get the best people on the same page?

(BRIAN WU) Yeah. Like you said, I know where it came from, and I know my character’s in it, but I don’t know how well it’s going to work without my character and how it’s going to work with other people. So we have to try

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