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(And yes, I’m aware of the fact that there’s nothing romantic about the “Gangnam Style” song.) “I just wish it could be a part of our show, because it gives something to our characters. And it’s a song we could use all the time,” he says.

As for who would get paired with who, the pair is currently dating but haven’t yet got engaged. “There’s no date yet – that’s the only thing I can say,” they say. They’re currently writing down their own dates and hopes for an engagement ring.

In addition to the “We Got Married” skit, you can expect the trio performing at the U.S. version of the MTV Video Music Awards. “I want to do something special with my friends because we had so much fun and went on so many fun adventures together. It was an amazing experience,” Bennett says. “It’s always been one of my greatest dreams to perform in my hometown, so this is really the next big thing in terms of my career.”

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We Got Married premieres Wednesday, August 12 at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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After six seasons with Team Canada, and two championships, Patrick Kane has officially earned the title “best player in the world” by a wide margin.

In this edition of’s 10 Things I Think I Think series, I thought about some of Kane’s best performances that have been overlooked because it is hard to get into the game without having seen video. I went back over Kane’s career with two goalies to determine whether they’re better than his current play. I compared them with players not included on this list to get a true feel for what is truly elite in the game today.’s 10 Things I Thought I Thought I Thought:

1. Kane is still a beast when he isn’t at the center of the play.

It’s tempting to write off Kane’s best games as those he got to score and those he lost to his teammates. He had nine goals and 24 assists against Colorado last December and 16 points against Columbus in Game 6. However, Kane leads the

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