Are Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating? – How To Learn Ventriloquism Dummies Meaning In Dictionary

Not that I’m aware off the top of my head but if you Google ‘Ariana Grande and Matt Bennett dating’ you’ll probably get a million results. The Daily Mail, People and Daily Xtra have all run stories about the pair.

And that’s not including all of the other news articles about their relationship and the rumours swirling around it. So what is the truth?


Matt Bennett: I Love Ariana Grande

You know what I love about Matt Bennett? I have to say, I think the guy is brilliant. He knows what he’s talking about!

I can honestly say that I have yet to meet someone who is as witty as Matt Bennett. Whether the interview was about politics/economics or any other subject matter, Matt is always on point. The other day he and I were talking about his amazing new novel and how it’s going to feature Matt Bennett’s best friends.

When Matt goes on about the new book he is writing, he is also as hilarious as a skunk. He even has a new movie coming out with his friends, a comedy called ‘Weird Work’ that I highly recommend you see.

So how does he fit in with Ariana Grande?

He and Ariana actually really get on well! He actually has a lot to do with my career going forward.

Matt knows a great deal about the industry and is very intelligent. We can’t just have an opinion either. He has been in and out of the industry for many years. I think that will be an advantage and help with his acting career.

What does Matt think about being married? You might not understand what you’re talking about but it’s totally cool. We talked about this before but being married is great if you’re a person that is open to learning.

Are there any things about this love story that are different?

I think the way Ariana is going about being married is similar to Matt, he’s pretty much a very normal person. She has her own interests and is not afraid to go out and do it.

Does Matt really like her and think she is hot? No I don’t think he does. He certainly thinks she looks good, but he’s a very reserved person and doesn’t like to talk about himself.

So that’s all you have to know about Matt Bennett. We can’t wait for the book to come out now!

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