What rhymes with G?

Katharine Hepburn: If I’m really gonna do this, I will try to make it a little different for you. It has a different kind of power on the page. I like writing and I don’t really write what I really want to write. I can only write one way. So if I was going to write a poem for you, it has to do with a woman’s longing to be in her own skin, which I think is one of the central themes of My Little Pony. I think most people don’t really realize it. They know a little about it, but most don’t really know that they don’t feel it in their bones.

Nrama: There’s also this one moment in a story where you do have a line that’s really, “I don’t need you.” I thought that moment as a whole was really strong. But there was something particularly memorable about that line that you can’t really put into words.

Hepburn: There were a lot of times when I couldn’t get the words to fit into the line. I’d try, and I’ll talk about it — I think everyone can do what Dr. Horrible does. But there was some thing just about the moment, the way you’re holding yourself and the way you’re looking at this girl. That’s not a part of me, the voice that needs to be inside me.

I’ve heard people say things like, well, I know you’re a big fan of science fiction. But just tell me where you’re going to go if you ever decide that you want to have a child. So that would not be easy.

And my friends who are really into science — I’ve gotten to tell them, I’ve gotten to tell them, I’ve really gotten a lot to get about my life. And they feel the same — you know, I’ve been a very faithful friend and I’ve been very lucky. I’ve got one daughter, I’ve had a great career. I’m just going to put up a little sign, just to remind them. So that would just be so hard if it did ever happen, to have a child.

I’m just going to put up this sign — I don’t even need you to tell me — I just want you to know that I’m just going to put up a sign that says, I just want you to know that I’ve really come through for you. I really have.