What is a bar in rap?

In rap, the bar is a small, enclosed area that may contain a bar stool, a drinking fountain, or a liquor cabinet, depending on the style of rap.

Examples of bar situations include the following:


Raps are very simple, simple raps. They are not very complex rap songs.

Sings or Rap Producers

This is a specific type of rap. These rappers can include rhyme patterns, like the “WTF?” rhyme or the “What’s up,” verse.

A rapper is basically a group of people who rap, or make a song about rap. They use rhyming in addition to using a specific style of rhyming. Thus a rapper might include rhyming in their raps, but still only raps in a specific style.

Examples of rappers include:

Dre: An emcee who makes raps using a rap beat.


Like raps/cores, but more complicated. These rap sounds are typically made by many people. The person making the sounds is called a rap core.

Macklemore: A hip hop artist.

Cores have the advantage of being more difficult than raps. They might still be raps, but they are more complex. Also, instead of using a specific rhyming style, the rapper would raps about things like “How do you like me now, bitch?”

Example: “You like that shit don’t you, bitch? I’m your bitch”

The rap core and the rap raps is divided into two basic sections, the rhyming section and the rhyming word section.

Examples of Rap Rhyming

Rhyming words are words that rhyme. This word type includes the words a, an, and an, etc.

Example: C’mon, baby.

Rhyming Sounds

These are sounds that represent specific types of sounds. For example, there are sounds that rhyme with y, e, and i.

Example: “Told you how I was about to do that, bitch.”

Rhyming styles

A rap style is a style of rap song that incorporates lyrics such as “I like this girl, bitch!” or “I wish that bitch would bang me.” It might also be a type of lyrical rhyming.

Crowd Raps

This is