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Does it mean a person who is very good at making lyrics? I don’t think it sounds like that at all. Rap has a whole different meaning, and I don’t think people associate it in that context.

“We’re the biggest rap group out of South Central Los Angeles and it’s very difficult for us to make the connections I think people do,” says Kurupt. “We’re not just saying ‘rap’, we’re making something that makes sense. And that’s the beauty of life, it’s a learning process. We’ll never be anything definitive on the music as a whole, it only goes as far as people’s imagination will let them go.

For some, living in Seattle may mean that your neighbors aren’t just the person next door, but the person across the street. But not for the next group of people who have been awarded grants by the city, the first installment of which includes $150,000 for a pair of high-tech micro-apartments in the Central District.

The city’s Community Development Department on Tuesday announced the first phase of the award, with $400,000 for the new units at 1623 Fourth Avenue North in South Lake Union.

The award for 1623 will go to the developers of the $1.18 billion South Lake Union Station project, a joint venture between CenturyLink and Safeco. The company has proposed developing a $150 million building in the heart of the neighborhood.

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Next year, the second phase of the grants will see $850,000 going to a pair of micro-apartments across the street, $300,000 for a high-tech industrial building and $250,000 for a retail or office building.

The grant winners were chosen from more than 7,000 entries from around the world.

“It is gratifying to know that so many young people choose to live in cities such as Seattle. It’s also gratifying to know that their homes and neighborhoods are important, desirable places to live and work, which is why we created the community benefit fund to support new projects in these vital areas,” said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, who also is pushing for the federal government to approve a $500 million grant that would fund construction of a streetcar line to replace the city’s light line.

City officials are concerned about what they fear could be a rise in homelessness, especially in the neighborhood.

There are more than 13,800 people on Seattle’s city-financed rapid rehousing waiting

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