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Bars are bars where the music is and can be played, and you’re supposed to listen to it in your bar (e.g. during a show, on the street, or in the restaurant). You are the bar’s customer while there, like the bartender. You can drink and sing to your heart’s content (or not), and the bar will always have the best drinks you own and can drink without thinking. There is no “I-am-here” vibe in a bar, people are on their own. Bands are the audience of the show (not the performers), and the more people there, the more chance of people sitting down with friends. People who come to the bar for a night out, a party, a beer, can be the best friends they’ve ever had, or will have in their lives for years.

Bars can also be the perfect place to chill out before a show, while catching up on work, or if you’re just craving the feeling of being in a safe environment to read a book for the millionth time. But, if music’s not your thing, a bar isn’t for you.

Is there “The Bar Game”?

The bar game has gone through several incarnations over the years. Most commonly, the game involves making bets on who can order the hottest craft beer out of a cooler before anyone else. More importantly, it involves getting a room full of people to dance to their favorite songs. If you’re interested in trying the game out, here’s what it’s about.

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