How old is Coolio? – Rock N Learn States And Capitals Rap By Professor Trelawney

Are their kids? What do they do? That was the question. The answers we got were “I’m a street rapper” and the ones that mentioned “a rapper and a chef.” The “mangina” was obviously not a real one, but they did know what he did, too. “I’m the first one to get shot, a chef that does his job, a rapper and a cook.”

Then he had someone who was just like, “Yo. We don’t have a chef, but we have the chef now!” So they had a whole list of questions. Some of them were funny. It was a great chance for me to meet people in the neighborhood and not be in the spotlight. It was also awesome for me because at that time, I was like, “I’m just gonna show you my new life.”

Are you into hip hop as much as some of your other music?

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I do, and I still listen to hip hop sometimes just because it’s fun. But I don’t listen to it as much now.

Do you get to interact with your fans all too often? Like, for instance, on Instagram?

I get a few followers but it’s really sporadic. I’m not really a social media expert. But I’m good friends with somebody. His name is “Chucky Chay, chay” and I get to watch a lot of Chucky Chay episodes on TLC.

I’m from Miami, so I’m not a hip hop fan, but I really like some of the artists that are out there doing the music that I grew up listening to. When I got a chance to do the music, and people that I like really like the music, it’s cool. I just try to work with people that I like and try to connect with them before I release a project. But yeah, I’m very social. In fact, I got a Facebook fan page I created and I give stuff away. I’m not one of those people that always give stuff away and say, “OK, this person, let’s reach out to them. I’ll make this happen.” I just wanted to do something special for those fans in this case, so I made this fan page. So now if you like the music, and you follow me there, or if you’re reading the article about me, you’re going to see a Facebook fan page that’s a lot like me that everyone can follow. They’ve been tweeting

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