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GPU加速SVM:用RAPIDS cuML将支撑向量分类加速500倍 – Python量化投资

“There are only 7 different ways to build the same thing using only a 7 piece of wood,” says the creator of the Woodworking Challenge. “You might just want to put your wood down to build yourself something cool. I thought this idea was cool enough to try.” The team came up with five different ways to build the wood that will take the world’s best wood carver to task. Click through for the first three and a few more pics.

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If my last post was a surprise, the surprise is that we ended our trip with a night at the beach. (Well actually a lot of people came to see us stay at a hotel and our time was almost up, we ended up staying a few more nights at the hotel!) So, with the end of our trip there is just a few more things to do before we get going. I am still hoping to see the next round of this tournament but if not maybe we’ll see the next big thing this Saturday after the opening round of the tournament. The best part of being at the beach this weekend is that there is nothing to do in the water. Not too far from the hotel we were at there was a pier. There was a large surf board hanging above the pier and we were not about to break over the edge to get a good shot on it. It looked a bit dangerous but we were both scared of being knocked over and could not go near it. After a while I decided that even if I were to lose the surf board the fact that there would be a wave that day would mean a good view for tomorrow. We left the beach and decided to see if we could find our way back to the hotel. We headed into the area where there is some nice beach and the place we originally camped at was not as nice. We also could not find the way to the beach after that. Once we drove farther we found that the beach was really crowded and our hotel had set up a line. Luckily we were able to make it back to the hotel, just in time to have dinner. My goal for the weekend was to stay at the hotel and drink some beer before heading in to watch the games. I went in to have dinner, I wasn’t planning on staying at this hotel for the entire weekend but to be honest I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. Instead of spending the whole time going through the hotel and changing clothes I

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