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If there are only 16 bars, there is no rhyme pattern in the song, but the words are rhymed using the words “two, three, four”

If the lyrics include five or more bars, they are in an actual rhyme.

The rhyme scheme for a song varies with the time of day in which it is being performed. Most artists choose to use standard “Rappin’ Out” rapping (sometimes called “Rappin’ in” rhyme scheme).

What is a rhyme?

A rhyme is any rhyme consisting of a unit of time with which people are familiar, and is similar to the pattern of letters in the alphabet (a, e, i, o, u, oo) [1].

Are there rhyming words in raps?

Yes. Raps usually contain at least one rhyme word, but they are all unique in their meaning.

If you can’t remember a rhyme, the word is a “losey”.

Can a rhyme be broken down into two parts?

Yes, if it is made up of only one or two words.

The words that make up a hip hop rhyme are always named individually, but usually they are separated into two parts. For example:

A History and Taxonomy of White Rappers - The Ringer
“One man on the map? The only rhyme for that rhyme is the name.” [2]

“The name in question is the subject of a rap verse”

In hip hop lyrics, the words are used together, the second part of the rhyme line always follows one or more of the first two words in the line.

In the following examples: “What are you thinking about in this muthafucka?” and “Yo, what are you doing?” they could mean different things.

“What the f*ck are you doing?” is a single word meaning something like “I’m gonna take care” (there are only two distinct words to mean “take care” in rap lyrics): “I’m the subject of the rap verse” and “I’m just thinking about doing, talking about”. However, it is not a rhyme, so it is only rhymed if the first two words are in the rhyme scheme and the first two words can be followed individually by the rhyme name. A single word means “I’m talking about doing, talking about”, but it does not have to be

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