How can I make music for free?

It was a real tough decision to decide to turn everything over to the internet – not only do I want to focus on writing songs, but I don’t want to make money off of that. It’s one of the reasons why this album will be free.

To make music for free, you have to get your own equipment, make your own equipment, buy material, and spend a couple of weeks and money making up the tracks. Then you have to send them out to people, and they have to download them and put them on their MP3 player and play them, and that’s a pretty expensive process. I’ve never made music myself, and that’s probably a good thing, because it doesn’t cost me a lot of money because I don’t have any contacts in music industry. And you have to do that because a lot of people in this music business have a lot of contacts, and I want to make it that way because it’s the way it should be, since that’s where the money should be made.

I’ll definitely be donating my music to charities, such as Music for Afghanistan and the UN Refugee Agency. If someone downloads it, I’m happy. If someone just likes it, I’m happy. It does make you question what you think they should do with it, if we’re not going to do anything with it. But the idea of going up against other people to give money to charity is never going to do that.

So you don’t think this is a waste of time?

I absolutely wouldn’t waste my time doing this, because it’s not just music, it’s an exercise in creativity. That’s why I chose this path for me, because it’s a form of creative work, music, that’s very, very personal and it’s very personal.

But is it an exercise in self-expression? A type of exploration into yourself?

Yes, but to a different kind of extent than what you might expect. It’s a musical endeavor, so to speak. This album will be something that’s very personal, and yet there’s also something that it has kind of done as an exercise in creativity, because of where I’m at right now.

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