What do piano lessons cost? – Easy Piano Songs To Learn Fast

Your piano lessons include lesson prep, lesson recordings, lessons and more!

Your piano lessons include lessons, CDs, DVDs – everything. All of these you can purchase at a discounted price when you order your piano. Our prices are all inclusive to the time spent on the lessons. And if you would like another piano, it is free!

What if I am new to piano lessons?

As a customer we are always happy to answer questions! If you have specific questions about piano lessons or don’t want to receive a piano, drop us an email

For our full piano rental history please see below

Why is your piano being rented?

We are always looking for new and innovative rentals. We have hundreds of thousands of hours saved from the lesson and will do our best to help you find what you want.

What if I am an instructor?

We are proud to offer piano lessons to our customers who already have a piano as a part of their business.

How do I know if the piano is good to rent?

If you think the piano is good to rent, and are interested in purchasing it, please fill out the rental appraisal by clicking here

What is Your Pricing Policy?

The piano rental pricing policy is in place to make sure all our piano owners are made aware of the value of their rental business. If this isn’t possible for your business you may place an ad in a local newspaper and our piano owners may refer you to another piano rental company. We are also working on an alternative policy in the near future. Please stay tuned!

Does my rental have to be over my current rental period?

Nope, you don’t have to. Any rental amount over $100 is not discounted. The total is $30 for the first lesson and $30 for each additional lesson.

Can other owners send me a request for a piano?

We do encourage the piano rental company to notify our piano owners when a prospective piano owner has their interest. We hope you don’t mind – if they need we will be happy to accommodate them. Please let us know if you are an instructor, teacher or otherwise want a piano!

Can my piano be rented at a time other than the time that I am teaching?

No. We don’t rent to individuals who are traveling, and our pianos cannot be taken to other properties, no matter how many rooms would be rented. If you are concerned about this

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