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This week we’re gonna show you how to install Lightroom in Ubuntu, how fast Lightroom can install when you set up your computer, what happens to your images, and many other things that will teach you how to do some cool software-based things in Ubuntu.

Install Lightroom?

You could probably install Lightroom from the commandline using the package manager or a terminal. The easiest way is if you don’t really know how to install a program; if you’re new to it, just follow this list of instructions.

Step 1: Launch the Terminal app, type in the following commands, and press Enter:

sudo apt-get install lightbeam sudo lightbeam install

Once again, we see the following command list:

“sudo apt-get install lightbeam”

It should ask you what exactly you want to install; this is the easiest part of the process, because you’re only looking for Lightroom. When you are asked to enter the command, type “lightbeam install”.

Step 2: In the terminal, run the following command:

sudo lightbeam install ~/Lightroom_4.5/

You are now up and running. After installing Lightroom, your computer will come up with a directory setup:

The directory is where the installation will take place. It will look something like this:

And there you are. You can now open your images and move them on the Desktop. This is called the “move to desktop” option, so that’s what we’re going to focus on next.

Now to move an image to the desktop. This command is a bit more complicated, and it requires a bit less typing, so you can get through it with fewer steps.

Step 1: Type in the following command:

lightbeam move ~/Pictures_1.mp4 ~/Pictures_2.mp4

Again, you can see this command list and its associated parameters:

“lightbeam move” “pictures” “1” “2”

It will ask you to enter some configuration information, and you’ll end up entering the same values again. At the bottom is a box called “Move Image to Desktop.”

If your computer already installed Lightroom, it may automatically set it to the Desktop; you can also change this if it’s not working out. Once you press Enter, the Image will be set to Desktop! For now,

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