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The number of people in the UK who know about the NHS is falling and this is “threatening the future of the health service”, according to a report.

The report, published by NHS Confederation and set to be published in the autumn, outlines the extent of the trust’s dissatisfaction with the way the NHS is being run in England.

The trust estimates there are about 100,000 non-NHS staff – those who work at a hospital or other healthcare institution but are not directly providing care.

The government has launched a consultation on changes to the way the NHS is run. Read more

“NHS management has not delivered on its long-term health service vision, and so we are losing the confidence of the public, and our financial position, too,” it says.

Over the past 10 years, an estimated 1.8 million people have seen a GP in the hospital, and another 10.8 million people have used their NHS card to access care. This is less than half the figure that was the case in the early 1990s.

The trust says these numbers underperform in comparison to people attending other health services, which is why it needs to “reform the whole delivery of health insurance and care”, which has been a core element of NHS delivery since the 1960s.

The paper also points to a report from the Royal College of GPs that found about 80% of doctors’ surgeries were “grossly underfunded and could not deliver sufficient services to meet the high standards of care”.

This means the NHS cannot guarantee long-term economic stability in England’s service areas. And the commission also believes that underfunding of health and social care will lead to high levels of out-patient hospital admissions.

Meanwhile, it believes many non-GPs have become redundant due to lack of suitable jobs. This is leading to increasing numbers of hospital patients being seen by non-GPs who are unfamiliar and unable to offer appropriate services.

The trust estimates the cost to the NHS each year is around £8bn, meaning it is essential to get back on its feet.

NHS Confederation is a coalition of public and voluntary health professionals. The charity aims to “strengthen patient services by improving outcomes for NHS patients”, and “enc

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