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#1 – Gibson Les Paul Studio

#2 – D’Addario Pro-Line Custom GTS

#3 – D’Addario Pro-Line GTR

#4 – Gibson Les Paul Special (silver or black, with a pickguard finish)

#5 – Gibson Les Paul Special (silver or silver, with a pickguard finish)

#6 – Gibson Les Paul Standard

#7 – Gibson Les Paul Standard

#8 – Gibson HSS

#9 – Gibson Jaguar

#10 – Gibson Les Paul Custom

If you want to learn more about these guitars, the Les Paul Studio, D’Addario Pro-Line Custom, or HSS, visit or

What is the difference between a Gibson Gibson Standard and a Gibson Les Paul Standard?

When Gibson first began making these guitars, the Gibson Standard was a “standard” body, and the Les Paul Standard was a “variation” body.

The Gibson Les Paul Standard is made in a standard body, but they make these guitar bodies in a very different way from the Gibson Standard. The new Gibson Les Paul Standard, and the Les Paul Standard Plus, are made out of an inner body material that is lighter and more pliable. That gives the guitar a very natural feel, but it is also more expensive.

How is the sound of every Gibson guitar?

Gibson guitars are made to play like a standard guitar. They have a full range of tone and it is very hard to get a high-end look and sound with a Gibson. There is a lot of work that goes into creating the sound of a Gibson, so it is hard for someone not familiar with how to play one to appreciate the sound of one.

What are Gibson’s original guitars?

There are many different guitars made by Gibson, but the original Gibson electric guitar was the Gibson Les Paul Standard in 1958.

Other models of Gibson guitars from the 1960’s include the Gibson ES-335, ES-335B, and the Gibson ES-365. The ES-335 is an ES-335B, and the ES-365 (also known as the Gibson Explorer) is an Explorer with a different pickup design (two humbuckers and a single coil).

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