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It depends on who you ask. I think everyone has an opinion. Some just don’t understand why I’m in a certain guitar shape or what a particular tone or effect is. Some say everything is hard, but it’s about learning and not putting an artificial limit on oneself.”

The guitar you wrote to your son, “In his hand was a guitar made to look like my hand from a previous life.”

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You didn’t expect this guitar?

Well if I hadn’t asked them to make it, they’d have sent it back.”

As a youngster was there any one song you’ve always wanted to play with your kids?

“Actually, if they ever got this instrument, I’d want to use it to play their favorite songs from the movies and TV show ‘The Blues Brothers.'”

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve learned from your family?

“Nothing and no one was harder than my children when I found out I could no longer sing. The truth is that there is no rhyme or reason why people in your family are different.”

Has it ever bothered you to think they’re not who you think they are, when you look back at your life?

“Yes. They don’t look like you, they don’t sound like you…they don’t even look human. They are a mix of different genetic parts of the human genome. To give it their due, humans are only a portion of the genetic code. The rest is unknown and mysterious. No human body ever has been fully analyzed for all of their possible causes, but there are a limited number of ways to do this.”

When you first moved back to the US, you had to learn to read and write…to tell the difference between English and Spanish (a foreign language). Did you ever think to yourself,

“Maybe they should have given me a translator?”

When you have been to many different parts of the world, one of the great things you notice is your ability to communicate in many different languages, and to understand peoples’ cultures, while still speaking each of them. Do you think that is the key to finding a place to call home?

“Yes. It’s one of us. No matter where we go or what we’ve done with our life, we all share one key component: family. And because it’s ours, no matter how distant you think it is, we have a responsibility to make it our home.”

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