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(I mean, do you think “The Star Spangled Banner” would be the easiest song to play?)

It will be hard. It will be hard for everyone. We will need a lot of people. I have to tell people, “Look, if you want to do it or if you don’t want to, that’s fine!” There are other people who have done the first attempt to play the song, and I just have to say, “Get out of the way already!”

Any plans for a video for the song?
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I wrote it! I wrote it! (laughs). Actually, I wrote five of the songs, but it won’t be one song. It is going to be five, and all of them are pretty good.

The story behind an ancient Greek temple built in 1876, located just outside of Jerusalem. The ruins of the temple were built before the Ottoman conquest of Palestine in 1830, but were destroyed by the British in 1948.

“It’s always nice to learn something.”

This article is about his original appearance in the episode “Hush.” You may be looking for the character from the “The Big Lebowski” movie.

“I see where the story is going now.”

“I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to get into a movie but when someone tries to rob the house of a priceless treasure, they don’t have to be a genius with guns.” ―The Dude (from “Hush.”)

The Dude, also called The Dude, is Roger Sterling’s boss, and the main antagonist in the film The Big Lebowski. He is the chief of security in Donny’s house in “Hush”. Because of his bad attitude, he is an associate of the Big Lebowski.

When the Dude first appears as the hero of the movie, the Dude is not in the main action. The Dude’s boss Donny, having been hired in the house, is a total moron and is trying to find the treasure himself. The Dude then tells Donny that the film must begin, but as the Dude continues to explain how the characters in the film are the real ones, the Dude’s boss Donny leaves the room and leaves the Dude alone.

Although the Dude is portrayed by a large, well-built man in the film, he is not overweight.

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Little known fact: Donny told the dude to “not

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