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How can I find a teacher that I can work with? What are my other choices for learning music?

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Do I think I’m bad since I have bad scales?
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For too long, the guitar world has had the tendency to think that you don’t make it as a musician if you don’t possess good scales. And that if you don’t know a lot of scales, you can’t learn music.

This is a flawed mindset. And the truth is that scales are just some of the tools you develop during any great practice period—and we don’t all learn the same amount of songs. So learn the scales you want! But then, don’t spend the whole time practicing one scale or another, or you won’t get anywhere.

For more about how scales work and why to use them, check out this article.

So How Much Does a Course Cost?

Let’s say you want to go to a guitar teacher that takes 10 months and will cost you $1000/month. That’s $10/month for 10 lessons, or $1000 worth of material you could learn to learn songs. Sounds cheap, eh?

Let’s assume you find a good instructor. How much will it cost to learn the course, once you’re enrolled? You’ll need to check with the teacher on how much he charges each lesson and how long you’re required to take the course each semester (so keep check here and in the online course catalogs). But first, get some stats for the cost of music education through the U.S. Department of Labor which helps show the average cost of getting a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

(Please note that these numbers are based on students being paid based on the cost of college as well as the cost of tuition and fees for students to take classes. Those numbers are from a 2012 U.S. Government study which I don’t have the exact numbers from, but we do have data for the past three years.)

The Average Cost of Music Education

Now let’s assume you’re only interested in learning one song per semester. And you’ll want to study at least that much in music. That doesn’t mean you’ll have to pay all the costs of the full course, as a whole. But there’s an upper limit. And that’s how much the average U.S. Music education costs.

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