What are the basic chords of guitar? – Learn Guitar In 30 Days (Hindi) Day 0 Lesson 2

I love the phrase “there’s only one chord” but where did that come from?

It’s a cliché but it’s true. The three chords that most people are most familiar with are 1 chords, the tritone and the 3rd in a triad, so those are the base chords of guitar. In practice, you don’t need to know the chords to be playing the guitar, you just need to know the technique to do it! Here are the three basic chords from the above chart. It will sound like these three chords if played with an open A. It’s really simple and easy to learn so feel free to skip ahead to the next section which will show you the tritone. The 3rd can be omitted in this situation so don’t be tempted to use it as a change note.

If you want to learn all of the chords on the guitar here is a free online chord course that will teach you the chords as well as show you the technique to play them.

When playing a chord, you can use any of the three notes (with the exception of the tritone) except the 2nd which only has one note so the rest of the intervals need be played between the two notes (the same as the note in the 1 chord). There are no other intervals or chords on the guitar which can be used instead so it will be very obvious which note you’re on.

This will give you a much easier time with practicing because you will be playing chords with a wider range which will allow you to play them often without having to look at the screen. Also, since there are no other intervals or chords to learn, you’ll know which note you are on much easier than if you had to remember the chords to the song.


Since all the chords on the guitar must be learned in one major key, the easiest way to get started is to first learn the major keys.

Once you know the minor keys you can play an easy chord progression by playing all the chords in that key in one move.

There are only three notes in each of the first 3 key, A, E and B so you can use any of the three and the other intervals will be clear and easy to notice.

You can do this with only a guitar and you don’t even need to know a bass. All you need is a guitar and an Fender Stratocaster or a guitar amp with a good clean tone.

With practice, you

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