What are the 5 basic guitar chords? – Easy To Learn Guitar Songs Christian

The 5 basic guitar chords that we all know are C, D, E and F.

As we already know, the C major chord is the key to the whole melodic song. It’s the tonality that most people associate with rock.

C Major = D Major with Bdim

One of the most common things guitarists do is change a C Major chord into a D Major chord. But you don’t want to do that. You can add minor thirds to a D Major chord. By adding the minor third to a C Major chord, you can add the major third to either C.C or C#.C (see the image below).

Notice the Minor 3rd in C.C at first sight. You could not see it before, but after a few practice minutes, you will see, and you will feel it. Now the main purpose of adding the minor third to the C Major chord is to accentuate the first note above a natural minor third.

It is the perfect thing to do when you want to add a Bdim to a C Major

Major Second (3rd) chord

Another way one can add a major second chord to a C Major chord is to add an A minor or B minor chord to the first note of the Major Second chord. I recommend you check this chord progression by Robert Schumann. It’s amazing, how cool it sounds.

Here is my preferred way to add a minor second chord to a C Major chord by adding a Bdim.

Major Second (A) + Major Second (B)

I don’t have any specific explanation about this chord progression, because it doesn’t seem so difficult. But it’s really easy. It’s not that difficult to play. So here it is. I love it.

A Major-Major Second (B) Chord

Finally, a last chord to know when learning chords is the A major-major second (B).

Another popular chord progression, here it is. I like the A minor in the A major-major second chord.

The minor third in a C Major chord creates a minor third in the chord above it. It creates a very cool bass line. The bass line also creates a very cool chord progression.

A Major-Major Second (B) Chord in F Major

And that’s it. Just 5 chords you can use to create a melodic line and bass line from a C

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