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Yes it is. It’s a very daunting task for people to learn guitar in the first place. If you’re like me or just new to guitar you’re so far removed from the process that the guitar sound itself is the hardest part of the process. It feels like it’s like a second language to me, and it can be.

Is there any aspect of having your own instrument that you’re particularly comfortable with?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how cool it has been to see people who play the guitar to express themselves, to create their own voice.

It makes me even warmer to people on the guitar who have grown up playing what you do, so I’m trying to find a balance between that and my own personal way of playing guitar.

When you’ve been playing guitar for some time, are you able to get into the groove of it without all the extra details you learn when you start out?

There definitely is an aspect of learning guitar that I don’t like having to learn in general. For some reason the guitar sounds good to me after about two years, where I’ve become a complete newbie.

I like all the details of it. But there’s an inherent time limit to the process. Because in general the more you play it is the easier it becomes. When you’re playing it is so easy to get into it. There’s so much going on that in practice, but you don’t notice until two to three months later.

I think it’s much better to be in the groove with all your own stuff.

Your style is so different from any other guitar player. What’s it like when you first hear people play your music that are from a different scene or culture?

Well I actually feel that it isn’t hard to pick out the differences. One thing I like about them is that they are just as excited as me and I’m just as excited as them about their music.

I’ve played with a bunch of different people who played different guitars, and I’ve also played with people who aren’t from the rock-rap scene. When you hear their music, especially the people who are trying to get into the world of rap, it really clicks with me. There’s something about the way they create their own music that sets them apart.

Do you have a lot of musical parallels in the scene?

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Yeah, a lot. I know my fans are just as crazy about

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