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A beginner’s review of guitar lessons

Most guitar lessons will include some guitar chord shapes or fingerings. Some guitar lessons include guitar progression and soloing practice, too! But when we look at the average guitar lesson we find that almost 90% will cover soloing or a chord progression for beginners. Many are not really about guitar theory. Some are just about soloing, or fingerings with one finger.

If we look at the averages for all guitar lessons for beginners we find that they are about 100 hours, and are mostly about soloing practice. They’re not taught about guitar theory or progressions. Many of these lessons have no chord progressions, just the fingerings. Often many of these lessons will be taught from a song list, with all guitar solos in one place. Not only do they have no theory, the songs don’t provide any. Most are just songs that contain some guitar soloing.

There is one exception to the guitar lessons having all guitar solos:

The music is typically from an old school rock and roll album. Guitar lesson authors will be familiar with these songs, but they are not teaching the songs in the correct order. And a few of these song are so famous that a book or DVD has to be written to put them in the proper order! Usually the songs are on the list of songs for the soloists with a guitar instruction book, but it isn’t always clear what the songs are about when you buy a guitar lesson book.

Other Guitar Lessons

If you’re ready to quit your boring guitar lessons it’s usually a good idea to try a guitar lesson from a teacher you like.

Most guitar lessons are taught to beginner guitarists, and even if these are only guitar chords or chord progressions, they are fun!

And there are other guitar lessons. Some are about guitar theory with lesson music, some are about song progression, some are about guitar soloing or song structure with fingerings. You can find them in the Guitar Lessons tab above. All of these are excellent ways to learn a guitar.

Most Guitar Lesson Content

There are 3 types of content for guitar lessons:

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The first type is songs or song topics taught with fingerings and chord progressions to songs or guitar songs. Sometimes these are the most advanced content, the advanced techniques the teacher needs to know to really teach you how to learn guitar.

They’re not really about learning theory, so even if they are advanced they

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