When should you worry about weight loss? – Chrissy Metz Weight Loss In Contract Login

When you lose 6-10% over a couple months that you can’t sustain.

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How fast does muscle loss happen?

Lean muscle loss varies from individual to individual.

Will I gain any muscle when I lose weight?

No, at all. The muscle you lose will still be there.

I’m worried about gaining water weight. Can I put electrolyte tablets in on a regular basis?

Yes, if needed. You are in control of the nutrients you consume and when.

What electrolytes are best for bodybuilders?

You can always get your electrolyte requirement from a healthy diet and supplements.

I’ve been doing weights for over a year with no problem, but I’d like to increase my gains. You can help me. Can you?

Yes. You can try out some of your most commonly used supplements. If they still don’t feel right, start from scratch and see what happens.

What are the benefits of increasing muscle mass?

You can actually build stronger muscles. Your body is now generating more protein.

Can I get bigger by focusing on diet and training at the same time?

YES. The body is able to handle the increased dietary protein.

What is sarcopenia?

It means aging from lack of adequate nutrition. If you’ve been losing weight, you could be getting older!

Are there any special diets that can help with sarcopenia/advanced aging?

Yes, you can use these:

Low Carb with Protein

Low carb helps your body to use more muscle for daily activity. The protein provided in protein helps increase lean body mass and reduce the risk of sarcopenia.

Protein-rich Diet

Use high protein foods, like fish, eggs, cheese or liver. For people who’ve been on a diet low in carbohydrates, higher fiber foods could help, too.

Lacto Vitamine

This can be added to your protein foods to help balance out calories. You can also eat more of this food, which helps keep blood sugar regulated and keeps hunger in check. You could also try these alternative sources of protein: nuts, beans, soybeans, chickpeas or other pulses.

Dietary Guidelines

You can use a combination of several dietary formulas to help prevent sarcopenia, but at the end of the day, what works for you may not be a good

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