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As the election was underway this week, people across social media celebrated their decision to vote for Obama and Donald Trump. The message is simple: it’s your choice, vote for the one you like best.

However, there is one demographic that Obama supporters don’t want Trump to win: Women. They’re hoping that Trump would take the steps necessary to stop the gender pay gap from becoming a reality. Now, some of those women have been speaking out again.

After several videos surfaced showing Trump saying that women don’t deserve equal pay, many women and women of color are calling for him to stop being sexist and instead talk about the importance of equal pay for women.
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A YouTube user called “MissLurntBitch” shared a video of two Clinton supporters giving a rousing “Vote for Hillary” speech, which has more than 100,000 views.

A Facebook user named “Jillian” uploaded a video of herself crying. She said that she had voted for Trump because he had brought women like her “up to speed.”

It appears that Jillian has a hard time dealing with the fact that Trump isn’t supporting equal pay, especially since he has criticized Clinton, too. In response to Jillian’s video, her “TrumpBitch” friend sent out this message:

“I guess I don’t have to go through all that bullshit anymore. Sorry @jillianjohnston that your feelings aren’t going the same way as me.”

What you have to understand here is that Jillian is a part of the female vote. Her friend says that she is doing it for her fellow Clinton supporters. She is also not against equal pay; instead, she wants the same for women who vote for Trump.

However, her comment that “people” are upset because Trump isn’t supporting equal pay because he doesn’t want Trump to get elected is a little unfair. If Jillian wanted equal pay, she would have voted for Hillary. The fact that she still doesn’t understand why people are so upset about this is hard to swallow since she has the right to voice her opinion.

What is also strange in Jillian’s tweet is that she says she’s not angry anymore about Trump’s comments and instead just wants equal pay. In this way, she was also just admitting that she’s still supporting Trump because he is still supporting women.

And to all the white girls out there, who told you they don’t want to vote for Trump if you didn

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