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I know you will hate this: You can lose weight eating only eggs, but the science is not on your side.

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This article will show you the latest research and the reasons why you don’t necessarily need to limit egg consumption

Eggs and Losing Weight? Not So Simple

While egg consumption is not as high as it once was — and you can do other things in your life to lose weight without them — research on their role in weight loss is quite mixed.

In my experience, eggs have no positive effect on weight loss – no studies on the matter. Egg consumption is linked mainly to increased abdominal fat and decreased levels of HDL cholesterol, the “good” cholesterol. There is also evidence of a link to insulin resistance.

Eggs also have multiple negative health effects on you, from reducing the flow of nutrients to your intestines to raising cholesterol to increasing appetite (and ultimately weight gain) and inflammation.

One study even found that consuming two eggs per day for a week increased your abdominal fat.

Eggs: What You Really Need to Know

Eggs do add a little bulk, but if you limit your daily intake of them, you may not gain as much belly fat and you may enjoy eating less.

Eggs are a good source of protein, with an estimated daily value (EDV). Pregnant women, children, and people with thyroid disorders should not eat too much, as there is some concern for increased cholesterol.

Eggs can be a good source of healthy fats, but should only be consumed one or two times a week.

They are a great source of the essential fatty acids linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid, both of which are essential for healthy cell membranes, but they should not be used by the body for energy unless you’re taking vitamins E, B12, B6, B12, and D.

Some may wonder why a low-fat diet is better for weight loss compared to an egg-rich diet, and perhaps you should know that “fats” are nutrients. The difference between eggs and carbohydrates is in calories per gram (kcal/g) and the fat they contain.

Since it is a source of protein (2-3g/100g), eggs are ideal to include in a diet because they are very protein-heavy.

Eggs provide about 0

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