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There are no scientific studies to back this up. Most diets rely heavily on the “science of weight loss” and that’s where the best information is, to be honest. One reason that we’re skeptical of the science of weight loss is because it can’t be tested against human body weight, but it can be used to predict what to eat in the first place. After all, that’s how we know it’s “right” when we get on the scale.

For example, the average American eats about one pound of foods per week. But dieters who follow RMs have eaten much more than that.

The dieting RMs recommend a high consumption of:

Sugars such as sugar and white flour (the two most important dietary carbohydrates)

Potatoes (which are high in calories)

Brown rice (which is a good source of fiber)

Fruits, including most fruits

And some vegetables (especially spinach and cabbage)

In addition, participants are given a small amount of meat, poultry, eggs and dairy once or twice a week – which is one reason so many have lost so much weight.

Most dietary recommendations are based on the assumption that most people will eat what the typical “average” American consumes, which is not the case. The research shows, in particular, that people who stick to their “diet” are eating higher quantities of carbs and fat than people who diet normally. The typical American will usually eat between 35 and 40 grams of carbs per day, with 25 grams coming from the white flour. The average American eats more than 50 grams, which is the same amount as the RMs, and 50 grams of fat (the highest in the research).

Other research has shown that people eating less of the fat and calories they normally consume may actually be more prone to gaining weight – more than normal people!

“I don’t worry so much about being fat, it won’t be worth the effort”

If you don’t consider yourself an ideal weight, don’t try to lose weight. The best bodyweight will be lost not through eating less, but as you lose weight, as your body metabolizes fat for energy. A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that “The most effective means of weight loss in normal persons is to lose less weight than the weight they gain” (3).

Most of the weight lost is not muscle or fat. Rather, there is a

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