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In the case of alligators, there is a distinct feature found on the front of the top of the head just behind the lower jaw. This is called the moon face, and it is there to protect the face, and to keep the face open and open to the sun when it is at the right distance. Most people do not even know it when asked about it, but it does exist.

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Moon face has been a common face modification since ancient times, but it has been a part of the most popular masks since antiquity. In fact, in Egypt and throughout the world, the face modification is thought to have originated as a symbol and representation of resurrection and rebirth.

How does it work?

To get a better understanding of how a moon face works, please take a look at this short video showing a moon face:

The moon face can be produced by applying a dye or paint to the skin or on the skin behind the eye. Once this has dried and is exposed to the light, it gives a very visible difference, as does this process that can be repeated over and over again.

The sunlight is then reflected off the skin and light reflected off the mask.

The moon face is just a different way of making a special effect on the skin behind the eye. The moon face does have a special purpose, and it is called a pearly gate.

How do you create the moon face?

What really makes the moon face so effective is that it covers all the facial features, in both eyes and nose. In fact, there is a reason why the moon face is considered the most recognizable and popular sun mask.

What you need to know about the moon face

When you have a moon face, it comes as a surprise to most people because there is a lot of work involved in getting it done. It takes many months to get a properly moon face.

It takes the entire process over 100 days to make a regular moon face. The moon face can actually be completed in less time than it normally takes for a regular sun mask.

To make the moon face, the skin underneath the mask is dyed several times with bright red or red hot pink color. The first layer is then dyes on, and once that has dried, the mask is rubbed to keep it on. In this way the moon face will reflect the sun on the skin and give the effect of a slightly darkened shadow cast on a clear surface.


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