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There are two types of human face. (1) A type that has a moon-like face, and (2) a type with a square face, called the “moon face”. The moon-face type are called “moon people”.

The moon-face face is used as a sign of respect and respect for other members of the population. The square-faced face is used as one. When faced with the same faces and circumstances they might appear to be facing opposite ways, but the square face is the sign of respect and respect for the family and their needs and welfare.

How do I use the moon face face?

This face is normally used on an occasion and you often don´t know you´re wearing it. Your face will be on display for the purpose of social interaction. The best way to take advantage of this face is through the use of a different face. The face is very useful during work functions or when others are unaware of its presence, you might want to use this face in cases where you fear for your safety.

You can wear the face on a lapel as a way of showing respect, or you can wear the face on a bandanna or a handkerchief. Some people wear the moon face face on their lapel in public places such as shopping centres.

You can always hide that you´ve put it on your lapel in public. For this you can make a small cut in the lapel of your shirt or some other piece of clothing and cut off the piece that it will cover. You can also put the pieces of cloth that cover your face into a bag and place it under your shoulder.

How do to use the moon face?

The key to using this face is to remember that this face is to be used with dignity and discretion. The face is a visual statement of respect but does not carry the same weight in the eyes of other people. As your face changes its appearance to reflect your character, your behaviour, your mood and your emotional state, it becomes your “real face”.

The person you are talking to or with is already aware of your face, so the face doesn´t serve any purpose other than to show that you are a dignified human being.

You are responsible for your own behaviour and the way you display your face.

Can I ask if I´m wearing the moon face face?

As soon as you become aware of yourself with the moon face

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