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Water is so incredibly crucial to the health of your body but you must eat a lot of it if you want to maintain your health and have a good life.
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Water is crucial to us. Our brains need water for their functions. We need water for our organs and blood vessels to work properly.

We need water in our digestive system to get all the essential nutrients our body needs to survive and thrive as an animal. There are four essential requirements for human health:

Oxygen, water, electrolytes, fats and protein

There is so much water in our body there is a term – “the fourth essential nutrient”. However, water does not come from food alone.

If you eat a balanced diet with a big amount of fresh water you will have a healthy, balanced and long-lived body that will give you a long life and a good life.

There are four things we can do to increase water in our body:

Elderly people (60 and over) may get tired of all the calories in their blood and will need to drink more water. Drink lots of water

People over 60 may notice a drop in the amount of urine they produce, this can be normal and healthy. However, if they are older and have had a long and healthy life there may be a natural drop in their urine production. If you are elderly drink more water

People who are over 60, may be able to afford adding a bottle of water to their meals, drink more water and keep hydrated, but it’s always good to drink plenty of water each day as it helps you flush out toxins and chemicals from your body which can make you sick.

If you think you’re too thirsty, don’t worry, drink more water every day

If you feel thirsty, you won’t need to drink a lot of water. If you’re thirsty and find you can drink a lot less water – keep drinking more water, drink more water and drink more water!

A Healthy Diet

A diet containing water would be a great thing to eat for people who are drinking a lot of water. Here are some important water facts to learn:

We drink 5 litres of water a day – more than the water we take in from food, and three times more than the amount of water we drink in a day.

Of that amount, about 15 to 20% is water we drink for pleasure.

If you drink more water, you’re also drinking

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