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A healthy waist size is 1 inch (2.5cm) wider than your normal size waist (32-33). If you measure between 30 – 32 inches (88-96cm), this is a healthy waist size. If you measure between 33 – 34 inches (96-99cm), this is considered to be an oversized waist size.

Measure your waist between your hip bone and your armpit. This is the most natural measurement.

Measure around the belly button to be sure there are no sores or tears.

The more natural the waist measurement, the narrower your waist will be when you wear your suit.

What is a good fit? Good fit means it fits correctly, without any wrinkles or creases on your body. A well cut suit with a relaxed fit will have a good shape and can be easily tailored for a particular appearance.

How to measure how to measure

Always check the measurements of the suits you wear before you buy them. Your waist and hips are two of the key measurements. The other key measurements are your arms and legs – these are sometimes less noticeable. You should try to measure the same way on your suit jacket as on your waist. Always try on the most fitted suit you can find as well. If you are wearing very short or skinny pants, remember you could end up with a very small waist. You could still be able to wear a suit if you have a small waist – this is normal and the suit will likely fit better than a shorter suit in most situations.

How to choose a good tailor

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