What are the 3 stages of iron deficiency? – How Much Weight Can I Lose In A Month

A deficiency of iron can be found in a variety of forms:


Vitamin B6 (thiamine) deficiency

Cobalamin (the B vitamin in your blood that is needed to create vitamin B1, which is necessary for energy production) deficiency

Iron supplementation (such as iron supplements)

Magnesium deficiency

Chronic malnutrition

Iron deficiency is more common among pregnant mothers of young children, elderly parents, and those who have suffered a serious stroke or cerebral infarction.

How are iron and vitamin B6 absorbed?

Iron and vitamin B6 are absorbed from the intestinal tract, but how much is absorbed depends on the type of iron and vitamin B6 in the intestines.

According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the U.S.P.S. Dietary Guidelines, infants and young children consume less iron than adults because they are not getting enough dietary iron.

To get some iron, babies will need to eat at least one serving of cooked vegetables per day. If the infant does not get enough iron, the iron in the infant’s urine or milk may be inadequate to meet the infant’s needs.

The amount of iron from raw vegetables and fruits is greater than the amount absorbed from cooked vegetables and fruits, so it is important to get both fortified and raw vegetables.

Pregnant women may also be at risk for vitamin B6 deficiency. Vitamin B6 can be found in fortified cereal and milk, but because it is absorbed through the intestinal tract it is not always readily available in infant formula.

Who develops iron deficiency anemia?

Iron deficiencies are rare in children, adolescents and adults. If you suspect your child or teen has iron deficiencies, get him or her to the doctor right away, especially if he or she:

Has difficulty eating

Is suffering from headaches, stomachaches or fever

Is taking any drugs, including antibiotics

Has a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, which could mean your child has anemia

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