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1. Deficiency in the iron transport system: There is an iron storage organ – the pituitary gland located in the brainstem – that is involved in supplying and distributing iron to the body. The levels of certain iron-binding proteins (IA-1 and IAA, also known as iron-binding globulin-1 and iron-binding protein-2), which are produced by this gland, are lowered when anemia develops. A study by Zeng, Zeng, and Xu [12] showed that low levels of IAA or iron-binding proteins in the blood lead to anemia; however, there is no specific diagnosis associated with these findings. The normal amount of hemoglobin in the red blood cells is around 7.5 g/L (a little over 3 grams per liter). As the body needs more iron than the amount produced from hemoglobin by the pituitary, the amounts of IAA and IAA-binding proteins may be significantly reduced, leading to anemia. The symptoms of iron deficiency can be subtle and can include: an altered immune response to the immune-system

decreased production of red blood cells

fainting spell


neurological symptoms, such as dizziness, vision problems, trouble speaking, hearing abnormalities, loss of mental coordination, tremors and weakness in the hands and feet (tremors tremors). What caused the Iron Deficiency Anemia? The causes for this condition are not fully understood, but it is associated with certain genetic or environmental factors that have been associated with diseases such as sickle cell anemia, sickle cell disease, and malaria. The conditions may be hereditary, however, some have been linked to some environmental factors. Other factors include a reduction in dietary iron intake[13]. Some individuals may lose iron quickly, while others might be able to absorb or retain more iron if given sufficient nutritional supplementation.

2. Deficiency in the hemoglobin: The amount of iron in the blood is determined by the hemoglobin concentration in the cells. The highest amount of iron found in the blood may be due to hemoglobin A1c. This condition is present at the beginning of anemia and is very dangerous to the body. Symptoms of anemia or iron deficiency in children may include: nausea and vomiting

increased blood pressure

nausea and vomiting in babies


decreased mental functions
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a lack of appetite


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