Should you eat after 7pm? – Keto Meal Shakes For Weight Loss

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This is a popular question and it’s a huge issue for us. After 7PM. Because if your mom isn’t in your hair-care routine by that time of day, you will be eating for 7PM straight without even checking your nutrition. Plus, it gets dark and you don’t want to sweat! If you’re doing it right it’s pretty much fine. BUT… if you’re not, you are not doing it right. I always have my mom clean my plate and I’ll usually have at least one cup of coffee and an iced tea. My preference is to get in-between my 8-10pm meal schedule to make sure I have enough calories but don’t go overboard. Just don’t do 8-10+ish meals in one sitting.

How do you keep yourself away from fatty foods?

This is always a tough question! My mom and I always had a few snacks in the house and this is something I can’t really do without. I mean I never eat junk food so I wouldn’t need to. I would eat some of my favorite foods and be sure to have a few slices of pizza. There are tons of good pizza places around town so it’s hard to be a pizza snob because it really makes no difference to me what toppings I get.

What are your favorite healthy meals?

I love a good salad! I love to make my own salad dressing and a lot of it is just veggies and fruit because it’s great for me and makes me feel good all day long. My meal plans tend to consist mostly out of salads which are great for me because I’m constantly running around my house looking for things to eat and it keeps me from eating junk food. I generally keep it pretty healthy eating that way, and don’t have to worry about trying to go into a food coma before bed. And I can always enjoy lunch if I’m going out with friends.

What’s the secret to getting more sleep?

One I’ve always wondered about, is how much sleep we really need. Some people get 6 hours of sleep, some people get 7, others need 8. I have a hard time getting up a lot of nights before 10 AM because I get up so early in the morning and am so tired that I end up falling asleep even quicker. I try to stay consistent in terms of getting back to bed when I feel I need to to wake up after being too tired for so long. Another thing I’ve been asking

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