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If you’re busy eating and you do a lot of cooking then the best choice is to do your breakfast in the morning when you don’t have to get up too early and eat while the body is rehydrating from the evening meal. However, you may find that it’s harder now to eat breakfast at night because you’ll usually be at work before 7pm and therefore have less time, so you might eat in the morning after a well-earned rest day.

Why don’t you eat breakfast at dinner?

I have done many an interview when a student asked why she’d only eat lunch at dinner instead of at breakfast, which they found very uncomfortable to talk about. The answer is, usually, that it’s better if you don’t eat lunch at dinner!

Why does it matter if you eat breakfast in the morning?

The first thing to do is to decide the time of day when you will eat breakfast. Breakfast typically starts very early in the morning and has the greatest impact on your body, as well as being the single biggest reason that many people overeat or simply don’t get enough exercise.

The second thing to do is to decide if you can go for a healthy breakfast before having to run to the store or school. If you can eat as if you’re going out for breakfast, then you’re actually getting the healthiest meal you can eat, and your body will thank you!

The third thing to do is to decide what type of food you’re going to eat. We tend to get stuck into a diet based on carbohydrates, but even without carbs there’s another food you should avoid: sugar.

The most important thing to think when it comes to eating breakfast

If you’re still trying to make a decision about eating breakfast, then the simple message here is: don’t. You’ll either struggle to make it (at least initially) or you will have a lot of trouble. It’s important to give yourself time to make the choice. We often want to make it the first thing on our to-do list, but a few minutes of thinking will show just how far from that we’ve fallen.

You will struggle to eat a good breakfast, but you will also struggle to go out every day and find a good restaurant. Even if you can eat the best protein shake you’ve ever had, you can’t eat breakfast because that’s what it’s all about!

We need to stop comparing our food choices to others in

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