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It depends on the method you use. Excessive calories.

Excess energy.

Lack of interest in your health.

Mild or major depression, and anxiety.

Cigarettes aren’t the only consumer products Americans have in their arsenal. If anything, people’s interest in other forms of energy has skyrocketed over the last 25 years. From electric bikes to solar power, the world’s energy consumption is about to begin its next phase. Here, a look at six energy-saving products that, if you’re reading this on Monday, will be able to keep you healthier and more entertained as the years wear on.

1. Fuel cells and batteries

What is a fuel cell? The fuel cell is a battery built inside a fuel cell that is capable of storing energy as high-pressure hydrogen gas. The fuel cell then releases this stored energy back into the same device, which can power a machine that generates electricity. As the number of fuel cells increases, so does the ability to store and release energy as well. The problem is we’re running out of fuel.

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The industry has to develop new devices to store energy, and that means replacing the lead-acid batteries that have been in our vehicles for centuries. The good news is that the cost is not high, and the technology is on its way. Tesla and other manufacturers have already introduced a version for sale today, and General Motors will bring its fuel cell to market in 2018 with the launch of the Bolt plug-in vehicle.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels, and the panels used to convert sunlight to electricity, are becoming a bigger and more popular form of renewable energy. Solar panels are usually housed in a tower that can be easily moved when needed. They’re also extremely rugged because they are designed to be built from materials that can readily withstand a hurricane, a power surge from a power plant, and a hurricane’s direct winds.

Unfortunately, the technology to power solar panels has remained prohibitively expensive, so solar power has mostly been limited to residential installations.

Fortunately, there is another method: storing the energy in a small battery. These devices, called inverters, can convert sunlight into electricity for use on a larger scale.

The first to go commercial was a residential device called the SolarEdge, which cost about $300. The device uses sunlight to convert electricity into hydrogen and water that can then be pumped underground for later use. There is still more work to be done to get

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