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When I arrived to the apartment in the morning, after it was dark out, I got to chatting with the woman’s wife who had brought my lunch. Her face was completely hidden and I was glad to be able to hide behind the light that surrounded my place.

However, the woman’s wife, with an extremely cheerful look, said that she did not have the time right now to talk to me. The light that shone on her gave off a cold glint and I could even read what she was saying through the gaps.

「Aegir Hardlett. I can’t hear you well」

「What. It seems you’ve got no idea what a 『hard time』 is?」

「No, that’s because you don’t really know how to talk to a person like me. Do you need some help though?」

No matter what I said, she just smiled, with a wry smile, and spoke to me as if it was nothing.

「Is a 『hard time』 really called that?」

「Yeah, it is. In 『Hard times』, I often do work with the family, and during the time I don’t work, I play with my 『Fool Friend』」


「The place your 『Fool Friend』 is is not here! The girl with you is not here!」

Hearing my sister’s speech, the woman’s wife, who I have never even heard of before, let out a small scream.

「I’m sorry for talking to you as if you were an idiot……」

「I didn’t come here to meet you!」

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「I heard you were a man- 『Sister』」

This fellow? It seems he had the power to become my new sister. There was no doubt it was a mistake to even think about him when I was at Ise House.

Well, if there would be a girl in my house at her age, it would be something that I would have to regret at least one day.

「I’m sorry, but I don’t know much about you. But, from what I get from your family, you don’t seem to have any interest in my job, nor do you say much of a thing about my 『Fool Friend』. I don’t really understand you」