How long does it take to lose belly? – Which Weight Loss Program Is Best For Me

A person loses belly by cutting their waistline. But not all cuts in our society are healthy. When you cut a belly, you will cut your backside and cause a break. A person loses belly when they cut their backside instead.

It can happen because of all the cuts we make. When we say, “Don’t cut your belly”, we are trying to stop our tummy from growing. If we are cutting our belly, we are also saying, “Don’t cut your backside”. Therefore, it’s very important that we avoid cutting our belly.

I had a patient a couple of years ago who cut her tummy to make it look small. The way she had cut her tummy, she would use the scissors to cut around and inside the tummy until she achieved the desired size!

How can you stop belly growing?

The key part of losing belly is the removal of all the tummy fat. The more belly fat you remove, the less tummy fat you have. You also need to avoid any cutting activities while cutting your tummy.

How can you check for belly tummy shrinkage?

You can take a picture of your belly if there is any tummy fat.

You will then check how much tummy fat is left without a picture.

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