How do I start exercising to lose weight? – Free Weight Loss Hypnosis Scripts

When to start? How to do it with a buddy? How big will you size yourself down? What percentage of your normal weight is fat? Can I do it without losing my glasses?

If you’re asking for tips on getting you to lose the most you can, you may be asking for the same answer as your friend asking for tips on gaining weight: “Get some people to weigh you down, then we start again”. It’s the easiest way to get started, but it isn’t effective. The best way to get started is to set up your own home weight loss scale (I recommend one from or BodyConjugate for the price).

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This is how I’ve done it:

I start off with three people: myself, my gym buddy and my girlfriend who is now my girlfriend. We walk around for about 10-15 minutes looking at the scale and we start off with five minutes. In the 10-15 minutes, we keep talking about the scale and it becomes a good way for us to measure how active we are.

Then in the last 10-15 minutes we start the timer and we do a quick 60 second countdowns. I tell my friend and girlfriend about how much longer we are going for and they tell me why I need to lose another 5 kilos since I do so much cardio and swimming, like 10-15 minutes for me. As with the previous section, I add a 15-20 kilos rule to the counting process.

In the last 10-15 minutes, I start counting how much I’ve lost. The first 40-something is where it all starts. A good rule is that I add 0.5kg/0.2lb for each hour I’m doing it. After 10 hours, I’d look at it and say that I’ve lost about 10 kilos.

Now it’s time for the last 10-15 minutes of the day.

What I do now before I leave work is put my clothes on: I grab a towel or something and I get myself into a chair somewhere comfortable to rest my elbows and shoulders. Once I’ve sat down, I start out walking my girlfriend around the house and she walks around with me for a bit while she does her thing. She then puts me on the scale at 45kg/106 pounds. She puts my weight in lbs instead of grams because I’ve lost weight, not kilograms. She then looks at the scale and I tell her. We take a

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