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A Canadian artist has proposed the world’s first “space-free” music festival, featuring “no-frills, no-glam” gigs by the likes of Bloc Party, The Chemical Brothers and Arctic Monkeys.

Saskatoon-based artist Mike Dorey, who is best known for his work on his own label, Osmotic Vision, is one of a growing number of Canadian artists hoping to launch a new alternative music scene with a “space-free” festival.

Spacefest, he believes, will offer a new option for all fans, whether they follow established conventions like EDM, rock or electronic music, or are new to the realm, but want something more exotic.

“We’re just like everybody else,” Dorey said at a festival launch event in Saskatoon. “If we don’t want it to be ‘OK,’ you don’t like it?”

Dorey’s event, tentatively tentatively titled Spacefest Saskatoon, will consist of several events, including an outdoor performance by the Chemical Brothers and Arctic Monkeys, along with events featuring the likes of Bloc Party, Coldplay and Coldplay’s A Head Full Of Dreams and The Chemical Brothers’ latest release, Get Lucky.

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“I’m just trying to take some of the most popular genres of music and put them in a completely new environment,” explained Dorey, who explained he has been playing music in public spaces for 10 years.

The event will take place April 27 to 30, 2013, and will continue to be held every year until space is available in 2015.

The organizers are currently fundraising for the event, which will be funded by event attendees (at a “substantial” rate), who are invited to donate money toward the festival.

The organisers say they are also looking into options, including some kind of space-themed art festival and a pop-up concert venue (that, along with a DJ set by Dorey, will be held outdoors at a remote location).

While the event certainly makes for an interesting proposition as an alternative to a regular, boring EDM or rock event, it’ll have to get the “space-free” community thinking,

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