How do I start a workout routine?

Get yourself out the kitchen, get your favorite workout nutrition supplement (your favorite flavor or your favorite brand) and start eating healthier.

What’s the best nutrition supplement? (a list with 5 or less choices)

Nutrition supplements are the most effective way to improve your body’s capacity to work hard. The key word for our list is “increase” — not “enhance.”

What’s one good workout or accessory a person can start with? (a list with 3, 7 or 10 choices)

For your favorite workout option you can find the best workout accessory. These include, but are not limited to, the bike, elliptical machine, treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical trainer, bike, weight bench, dumbbells, dumbbells on a bike, pull up bar or pull-up bar, row machine, or the like.

For accessories, check out our Fitness accessory guides:

If I want to make a workout routine that lasts more than 5 hours do I need to start the workout early?

If you need to start a workout early you should have a good starting point. That’s why all of the workouts, and the accessories included, begin with a simple warm up. We recommend starting with a 2-3 minute warm up to give yourself a base base from which to kick off your routine. If you’re not a natural pull-up user, or if you’re a power guy you may find that if there is a good time to start an exercise you like, make sure you can easily do it. If this is your case, you might begin with a 3-4 minute warm up, then a 4-5 minute warm up, then an 8-10 minute warm up.

How fast should I start a new workout?

If at any point during your workout routine you feel fatigued, you may switch to a different phase. To change from one phase to another we recommend you follow your body’s natural movement patterns. We do not recommend you stop when your body stops being tired and you feel good for the next cycle. We recommend a good transition time between phases, such as 3-4 minutes of warm up before adding a new one, then another 3-4 minutes of warm up before switching out to the new phase.

Where do my workouts take place?

We recommend you start with your home gym, but we also recommend workout locations that include public ones. You can find public, off-